Lean into that problem proceduralize.

Lean into that problem proceduralize.

Manufacturers create physical goods. How these goods are created varies depending on the specific company and industry. However, most manufacturers use machinery and industrial equipment to produce goods for public consumption. The manufacturing process creates value, meaning companies can charge a premium for what they create. For example, rubber is not particularly valuable on its own. But when it is formed into a car tire, it holds substantially more value.

Beverage and tobacco product manufacturing:

Interestingly, tobacco and beverages are in the same sector of manufacturing. Beverage products include those that are non-alcoholic, as well as those that are alcoholic through the fermentation or distillation process. Ice is also considered a manufactured beverage. Tobacco products are loose tobacco products, as well as those that are in cigarette or cigar form.

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Each year, technology continues to make manufacturing increasingly efficient, faster and more cost-effective. However, automation also eliminates many manufacturing jobs, leaving skilled employees without work.