581 GX

RM Irrigation System
580 GX


The Gx range of RM hose-reel irrigation machines features a swivelling turret structure, which, by rotating on the fixed bottom frame, allows the reel to be steered towards the desired direction to unwind the hose.

The machine is outfitted with duly oversize telescopic brackets to allow a high anchoring on any kind of ground. They are operated by self-balancing hydraulic cylinders with safety valves, and they ensure the required stability.

The transverse width of the highest reel allows to considerably lower the overall height of RM machines and their barycentre, thus making them among the stablest ones on the market.

Starting from the 790Gx model the machine can be equipped with (optional) the rear unwinding arm of PE hose, by fastening the sprinkler trolley to the ground and towing the irrigation machine. This solution allows unwinding the hose by cancelling the friction on the ground, and exploiting the tracks already present in crops.

The 890Gx, 990Gx and 1000Gx models feature a great clear span of the frame with reference to the ground, thus preventing the underlying crops from being damaged during the hose unwinding.

Monolithic RM frames are free from any screwed structural elements, manufactured in a single block and hot-dip galvanized, designed through a three-dimensional calculation system.

  • Flow-distributor turbine with built-in by-pass
  • 4-speed gearbox with shafts completely in oil bath
  • PTO for fast hose rewinding
  • Braking system to unwind the hose with fully automatic operation
  • Automatic speed compensator according to the hose winding diameter
  • Anti-slackening hose safety device
  • Safety device to stop the machine if the hose winds unevenly
  • Electronic hose rewinding speed measuring device
  • Digital clock
  • Worm screw hose turning system with micrometric regulation and double guide
  • Reel support on ball bearings and lipped retention ring with stainless steel bushing
  • Frame swivelling on a ball bearing centre plate through 360°
  • Self-balancing hydraulically controlled rear anchoring brackets, and hydraulic lift of trolley
  • Flexible rubber hose to supply the machine, complete with connections
  • Adjustable trolley track and wheel height
  • SIME sprinkler with slow return and set of nozzles
  • Pressure-gauge in glycerine bath on the machine
  • Pressure-gauge in glycerine bath on the sprinkler (SIME)
  • Ball joint on sprinkler trolley
  • Sprinkler trolley ballasts
  • Adjustable bar eye
  • Hot-dip galvanized structure (painted reel)
  • Water inlet on both sides
Table showing dimensions for rm 581 gx irrigation system
Table showing dimensions for rm 581 gx irrigation system