Our Story


Being an active farming company, employing 180 seasonal and 35 permanent staff, we specialise in the production of crops such as potatoes, kidney beans, maize and wheat. Having exported our commodities to Europe, this opened our world to the importing of agricultural equipment.

With the success story of our imported irrigation equipment since 2008 and due to the high quality and demand, we extended our product range to soil preparation, crop spraying, harvesting and processing equipment. We are also able to source purpose build equipment on request. All of our products have been tried and tested on the African Continent and are suitable for our conditions.


During 2018, Carl and Danie separated the farming and import businesses. This has released Carl to give more attention and support to our growing client base as well as source other products that are on demand. With the fast rising of technology in agriculture, we are always looking at ways to make farming more efficient and being able to meet the needs of our clients better.